The Backyard Roots project is a collaboration with Beau Fredlund. A man who continues to inspire unique and deep mountain perspectives daily. 

Together Beau & Kt aimed to question backcountry ethic, style, and safety in the mountains with a Greater Yellowstone flair. 

What do you think? 

Backyard Roots Trailer

A 3 part video series about ski mountaineering in the Greater Yellowstone. Join Kt Miller and Beau Fredlund as they explore classic and new routes, highlighting human powered-access and emphasizing avalanche awareness.

Supported by Dynafit, Omnibar, and Mammut.

Edited by Hennie van Jaarsveld.

Produced by Beau Fredlund & Kt Miller

Additional cinematography by Brody Leven

Patience is a Virtue // Episode 001 // Backyard Roots

The first of a three part series about backcountry skiing in the Greater Yellowstone. Beau & Kt highlight the elements of patience and avalanche awareness, in the context of skiing around Cooke City.

Edited by Hennie Van Jaarsveld.

Music: produced, arranged and mixed by Mononome.

With support from: Omnibar, Mammut and Dynafit.

The Social Media Factor // Episode 002 // Backyard Roots

The second of a three part series about human powered backcountry skiing in the Greater Yellowstone. The Social Media Factor looks at ski mountaineering the Tetons, and the influence social media has on our decision making in the hills.

Produced, directed and edited by Kt Miller and Beau Fredlund.

Starring Brody Leven, with a guest appearance by Nathaniel Murphy.

With support from: Omnibar, Mammut, and Dynafit.

The Sleeping Giant // Episode 003 // Backyard Roots

The Sleeping Giant is a short story about ski mountaineering in the Beartooths. It aims to inspire backyard exploration, and respect and appreciation for wild landscapes.

Produced and directed by Kt Miller and Beau Fredlund.

Music courtesy of Mononome. 

With support from: Dynafit, Onmibar and Mammut.

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