Shifting Ice + Changing Tides

In the spring of 2014, Kt was offered the opportunity of a lifetime— to join a group of 5 women on a skiing and sailing expedition from Iceland to Greenland... and document it. Although daunting, the task seemed like too extraordinary of an opportunity to pass up. So, Kt committed to join the team, film & photograph the expedition and produce a documentary telling the story. Despite terrible sea sickness throughout the journey Kt managed to film and photograph the entire way, and spent the following year and a half editing the documentary. 


In 2015 & 2016 the documentary was shown at over 100 film festivals and events in 5 countries. 


Kt attended a packed showing in Telluride, Colorado in February of 2016 with a number of young girls in attendance. That night she lay in bed unable to fall asleep. The thought suddenly crossed her mind that she wanted every little girl who wanted to see the film to be able to see it. She didn't want them to have to ask their parents for a credit card or pay to attend a screening. She reached out to the rest of the team immediately and recommended that the film be offered online for FREE, forever. Everyone agreed. 


So, as of Earth Day— April 22, 2016— Shifting Ice + Changing Tides will be available to the public for FREE, forever. Please enjoy. 

Shifting Ice + Changing Tides FULL DOCUMENTARY

Filmmaker Kt Miller DONATED her time to film, edit, and distribute this documentary. If you would like to make a donation to help pay for her time you can do so below: 

Photo Gallery

Martha Hunt & Nat Segal finding the way to the west coast of Iceland.

Martha Hunt & Nat Segal finding the way to the west coast of Iceland.

In March of 2014 six women set sail from Isafjordur, Iceland with the intention of sailing across the Denmark Straight and up the west coast of Greenland. They hoped to explore the remote coastline, pioneer new ski descents, and collect scientific data in some of the most incredible wilderness on earth. This is their story.


Featuring: Martha Hunt, McKenna Peterson, Meghan Kelly, Nat Segal, Pip Hunt, Kt Miller

Produced, filmed, edited by: Kt Miller

Additional cinematography: Haukur Sigurðsson, Meghan Kelly, Nat Segal, McKenna Peterson

Logo Motion Graphic: Dan Darling

Additional Motion Graphics: Kt Miller

Website + Logo: John Roope

Audio post production: Cascadian Sound -->

Music Licensed through


Made possible by: Climate Reality Project, Polartec, National Geographic Adventure, Volkl, Marmot, K2, Scott, Cairn Investment, Nature's Bakery, Goddess & the Grocer, Mountain Athlete,, Greenland Air

Special thanks to: Goal Zero, ION Camera, WIDSIX, Camp, Beyond Coastal, Justin's Nut Butter, Probar, Adventure Medical Kits, Dynafit, Voke Tab, Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation, Polar Bears International

Extra special thanks to the Aurora Arktika and her crew!

Shifting Ice + Changing Tides TEASER

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