Shifting Ice + Changing Tides FULL DOCUMENTARY

Shifting Ice + Changing Tides TEASER

In March of 2014 six women set sail from Isafjordur, Iceland with the intention of sailing across the Denmark Straight and up the west coast of Greenland. They hoped to explore the remote coastline, pioneer new ski descents, and collect scientific data in some of the most incredible wilderness on earth. This is their story.


Featuring: Martha Hunt, McKenna Peterson, Meghan Kelly, Nat Segal, Pip Hunt, Kt Miller

Produced, filmed, edited by: Kt Miller

Additional cinematography: Haukur Sigurðsson, Meghan Kelly, Nat Segal, McKenna Peterson

Logo Motion Graphic: Dan Darling

Additional Motion Graphics: Kt Miller

Website + Logo: John Roope

Audio post production: Cascadian Sound -->

Music Licensed through


Made possible by: Climate Reality Project, Polartec, National Geographic Adventure, Volkl, Marmot, K2, Scott, Cairn Investment, Nature's Bakery, Goddess & the Grocer, Mountain Athlete,, Greenland Air

Special thanks to: Goal Zero, ION Camera, WIDSIX, Camp, Beyond Coastal, Justin's Nut Butter, Probar, Adventure Medical Kits, Dynafit, Voke Tab, Adventurers & Scientists for Conservation, Polar Bears International

Extra special thanks to the Aurora Arktika and her crew!

Shooting from the Hip - Shooting Yellowstone with Kt Miller

Mountaineer, skier, and adventure photographer Kt Miller has made Yellowstone Park her backyard. In this first episode of the new photography series Shooting From the Hip, Kt and friends climb a Yellowstone peak on a gorgeous September day.

Connections - a Dynafit web series

Dynafit #connectionsproject Montana Episode

The new Radical 2 binding is going on tour in North America. Connecting Dynafit's handcrafted past to its hard-charging future, Fritz Barthel, who invented the first 'low tech’ Dynafit binding over 30 years ago, sends the newest version of the Radical off to the Dynafit North America Athletes for them to experience in their home mountains. This four-part series debuts on October 19th, and will feature athletes Cody Barnhill, Eric Hjorleifson, Trevor Hunt, KT Miller, Meredith Edwards, Marshall Thomson, and Donny Roth; locations include Whistler, BC, Sun Valley, ID, Cooke City, MT, and Crested Butte, CO.

Follow along as the series unfolds and we present other premium content and opportunities to win Dynafit gear – via the Dynafit Website at and on social media via #connectionsproject

Backcountry Digs: Montana Yurt Skiing

Produce by Bobby Jahrig. 

Filming by Bobby Jahrig, Tyler Swank, Kt Miller.

Featuring David 'Powder' Steele, Brody Leven, Rachel Delacour, and Kt Miller. 

Chamonixoxo: a Tribute to Liz Daley

As a ode to the late, great Liz Daley this video attempts to highlight the delicate dance of a life lived with purpose in the mountains. A memoir of Caroline Gleich & Kt Miller's trip to Chamonix, France in 2014.

Donate to the Live Like Liz fund at:

Starring: Caroline Gleich

Special Thanks to: Tom Grant & Davide DeMasi

BackYard Roots Trailer

A 3 part video series about ski mountaineering in the Greater Yellowstone. Join Kt Miller and Beau Fredlund as they explore classic and new routes, highlighting human powered-access and emphasizing avalanche awareness.

Supported by Dynafit, Omnibar, and Mammut.

Edited by Hennie van Jaarsveld.

Produced by Beau Fredlund & Kt Miller

Additional cinematography by Brody Leven

Patience is a Virtue // Episode 001 // BackYard Roots

The first of a three part series about backcountry skiing in the Greater Yellowstone. Beau & Kt highlight the elements of patience and avalanche awareness, in the context of skiing around Cooke City.

Edited by Hennie Van Jaarsveld.

Music: produced, arranged and mixed by Mononome.

With support from: Omnibar, Mammut and Dynafit.

The Social Media Factor // Episode 002 // Backyard Roots

The second of a three part series about human powered backcountry skiing in the Greater Yellowstone. The Social Media Factor looks at ski mountaineering the Tetons, and the influence social media has on our decision making in the hills.

Produced, directed and edited by Kt Miller and Beau Fredlund.

Starring Brody Leven, with a guest appearance by Nathaniel Murphy.

With support from: Omnibar, Mammut, and Dynafit.

The Sleeping Giant // Episode 003 // Backyard Roots

The Sleeping Giant is a short story about ski mountaineering in the Beartooths. It aims to inspire backyard exploration, and respect and appreciation for wild landscapes.

Produced and directed by Kt Miller and Beau Fredlund.

Music courtesy of Mononome

With support from: Dynafit, Onmibar and Mammut.

Training at the Top of the World

Thrilled to contribute footage from our trip to Denali for a Teton Gravity Research Higher Unplugged episode with Jeremy Jones.

Episode 1: Adventurers Ski Down an Ice Climbing Route? | Skiing Romania with Brody Leven & Kt Miller

Multiple waterfall rappels, rocks, dirt, and spring snow provide this ski mountaineering duo with a fittingly improbable and freaking tricky adventure. Brody Leven and Kt Miller ski Albisoara Crucii in this video, known by the locals as a climbing route, in the Carpathian mountains of Romania. Can they manage the waterfalls and, at times, complete lack of snow? Ridiculous!

Episode 2: Skiing Near-Vertical Avy Debris, Bad Idea? | Skiing Romania with Brody Leven & Kt Miller

Navigating multiple thousand vertical feet of dirt descents on skis is easier with a little local beta. Ski mountaineer Brody Leven and photographer Kt Miller hang with the locals, find some spicy lines, and enjoy skiing slushy avalanche debris. Sketchy adventure awaits!

Episode 3: Horrible Snow Makes for an Awesome Adventure | Skiing Romania with Brody Leven & Kt Miller

What do you do when you arrive in Romania for a ski trip and it looks like November in Pennsylvania? Ski mountaineer Brody Leven and photographer Kt Miller discover the real meaning of spring skiing in the Transylvanian Alps when they are forced to seek out dirty avalanche debris and hike in an out of the mountains for hours. It’s not always fun, but their alpine exploration makes for one amazing adventure.

Main Chute With Julian Carr, Sierra Quitiquit and Brody Leven

Lil’ edit of Main Chute for Alta Ski Area with Discrete athletes Brody Leven, Julian Carr, & Sierra Quitiquit. I mean who doesn’t like to rip #duffydelux couliors!?! I know I do. :)

Gravity. Snow.

A play on pristine places, people and powder. A creative collaboration of Beau Fredlund and Kt Miller. Enjoy :)

‘One can never be bored by powder skiing because it is a special gift of the relationship between earth and sky. It comes in sufficient amounts in particular places, at certain times on this earth; it lasts only a limited amount of time before sun or wind changes it. People devote their lives to it “for the pleasure of being so purely played” by gravity and snow.’ ~Dolores LaChapelle

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